Art by Barbara S. Wamsley

Barbara began studying watercolors in early 1990's.  Each year since, for their Holiday card, she has painted one of the beautiful birds that frequent Pomonkey Landing where she lives with her husband Dennis. Pomonkey Creek is a wetlands creek that opens into the Potomac River, thus many of her bird pictures  and photographs will have the creek and far distant river and Virginia shoreline in the background.

Upon retiring from Federal Service she found time to pursue more formal study in watercolors and was fortunate to find a wonderful teacher Pat Troiani (a well known east coast watercolorists).  In the past few years Barbara has expanded to include exploration in other media such as acrylics, encaustics, pastels and recently oils.  She is fascinated with oils at the moment and there is always a work in progress on her easel.

She is currently on exhibit at the Shirl Art Gallery in Colonial Beach, Va.  Also, she has been in various shows with the Mattawoman Creek Art Center, Marbury, MD and the Jarrett-Thor Fine Art Gallery in Colonial Beach, VA.

Barbara put this collection of her work on the web so that she could share all of her work with her family and friends.  It also is one great way to catalogue and keep track of her art works as the collection grows, is sold, given to charity or to friends.